Golf Optimization Algorithm (GOA)

Golf Optimization Algorithm: A New Game-Based Metaheuristic Algorithm and its Application to Energy Commitment Problem Considering Resilien
Updated 14 Aug 2023

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In this research article, we uphold the principles of the No Free Lunch theorem and employ it as a driving force to introduce an innovative game-based metaheuristic technique named Golf Optimization Algorithm (GOA). The GOA is meticulously structured with two distinctive phases, namely exploration and exploitation, drawing inspiration from the strategic dynamics and player conduct observed in the sport of golf. Through comprehensive assessments encompassing fifty-two objective functions and four real-world engineering applications, the efficacy of GOA is rigorously examined. The results of the optimization process reveal GOA's exceptional proficiency in both exploration and exploitation strategies, effectively striking a harmonious equilibrium between the two. Comparative analyses against ten competing algorithms demonstrate a clear and statistically significant superiority of GOA across a spectrum of performance metrics. Furthermore, the successful application of GOA to the intricate energy commitment problem, considering network resilience, underscores its prowess in addressing complex engineering challenges. For the convenience of the research community, we provide the MATLAB implementation codes for the proposed GOA methodology, ensuring accessibility and facilitating further exploration.

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Mohammad Dehghani (2024). Golf Optimization Algorithm (GOA) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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