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4D data exploration

version (24.8 KB) by Thomas Deneux
Navigate through 2D+time or 3D+time data through interactively linked cross-sections, time course pl


Updated 05 Jun 2012

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This is an extension of the 3 linked cross-sections of a volumic data to the time domain. It is invoked command-line through a syntax as simple as 'fn_4Dview(data)' or more elaborated as 'fn_4Dview(Y,'clip',[0 40],'2d','in',2,'time','fifth',1)'.

Interesting features are:
- mouse-selection of regions of interest (ROI) and plot their time courses
- mouse-selection of frames to bin
- display of velocity images (quiver) and mesh surfaces available as well
- handle transformation between different referentials
- specify the clipping
- see help for more...

Example utilization are available in the following movies (3D example) and (2D example).

Type 'fn_4Dview demo' for a guided example and 'help fn_4Dview' for more information.

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very good!

jichao zhao

This is very good work, I am surprised few people commented on it. many thanks, jichao

lark z


It is a good effort indeed:) Keep it up mate


forgot to attach new file in the last submission one minute ago!

forgot to make a zip in the last update!

few features added...

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