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Laplacian random number generator

version (513 Bytes) by Elvis Chen
Generate i.i.d. random number drawn from laplacian distribution with specified parameter


Updated 18 Jan 2007

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function y = laprnd(m, n, mu, sigma)
%LAPRND generate i.i.d. laplacian random number drawn from laplacian distribution
% with mean mu and standard deviation sigma.
% mu : mean
% sigma : standard deviation
% [m, n] : the dimension of y.
% Default mu = 0, sigma = 1.
% For more information, refer to

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Elvis Chen (2021). Laplacian random number generator (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (10)

ziyang wu

Seyed Resalat

Thanks Man!!




Li Dong

Chetan Mandaliya

Dear U helped very much. I got what i was doing for 2 days. Thank you very much

Nishank Pathak


Osman Gulseven

Does the Job

Abdellatif Salah

well done

John D'Errico

It does what it says. Its vectorized, well coded, with good help, some error checks (ok, it does not check for sigma<0, nor worry about the shapes of its arguments), it has default values for the parameters, an H1 line, a reference to wikipedia. These are all things I like very much to see.

In my obsessive drive for completeness, I'd want to see also tools for the pdf, cdf, and inverse cdf. I wanted to rate this about a 4.5 as is.

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