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3D Earth Example

version (1.91 KB) by Ryan Gray
Example of creating a 3D textured Earth globe


Updated 16 Oct 2013

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Example of creating a 3D textured Earth globe.

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How do I make the globe rotate according to "erot"? "erot" seems to not be used in the program anywhere after the initialization value so maybe that's why it isn't live rotating the view according to "erot"?


How to make this globe bigger/smaller?

Ahmed Baza

I'm having a problem here the glob isn't rotating


Simply excellent! Great job.


Very nice, Thank you. I wanted to ask you if you were able to put a legend on your figure?

I tried doing so and did not have any luck

Thank you for your efforts

A. Laake

Very nice. Worked straight away and provides and excellent base for global visualization.

Ted Tower

Very nice example. Shows basic interactions of different Matlab functions. On my machine, I had to download the image and do the imread locally, but otherwise great.

Alfred Sello Likuku

HE Yanchun

Very nice


Updated globe texture map URL to point to one on Wikipedia. Added option of setting the globe up parented to an hgtransform object in order to easily play rotation.

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Compatible with any release
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