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Rice/Rician distribution

version (182 KB) by Ged Ridgway
Functions for Rice/Rician PDF: stats, samples, and distribution fitting.


Updated 09 Dec 2008

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Functions for Rice/Rician PDF: summary statistics (mean and variance), generating random samples, and simple moment-matching to fit the distribution to data.

Similar to e.g. normpdf, normstat, normrnd and normfit from the MATLAB statistics toolbox, but for the Rice distribution, which is useful in Communications and Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

ricepdf - Rice/Rician probability density function (pdf).

ricestat - Mean and variance of Rice/Rician probability distribution.

ricernd - Random samples from the Rice/Rician probability distribution.

ricefit - Estimate parameters for Rice/Rician distribution from data.

ricedemo - Rice/Rician Distribution Demo.

Comments and Ratings (32)

what the parameters v & s represents in ricernd() function?

Jeff Chiu


can anybody tell me how we can add rician noise in MRI image using this matlab code?

hela gout


kenza dek

kenza dek

c'est un travail interessant!



thanks for your file!



Very good package and great for my problem. Thanks.
I have uploaded a faster version that operates on multiple set at once. I called it "ricefit_fast", same syntax.

Hope to find some time for the CDF . Thnx!!

Muchas Gracias,



Jorge Mitrione

jie ren

Marcel Zwiers

Great, just what I needed! Thanks a million Ged!

Ramona Georgescu

thank you, saved my research :-)

chinweuba anyaragbu

i want to be part of this is wonderful

anyaragbu chinweuba

the site is wondeful

mourad iker

j work systeme of transmited,I would like to help me on different channels of mercy transsmision

Josu Albizu

hendry fuhrer


Mr Kepler

Does not call external functions (which is very good). Easy to follow and well commented.

Lili He

Nice and Thanks!


Corrected error in zip-file.

Added ricefit (which is rather naive, but possibly useful)

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