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Arrow3 version 4.58

version (8.71 KB) by Jeff Chang
Draw arrow(s) from point A to B.


Updated 19 Dec 2003

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A simple plotting tool used for drawing arrows/vectors from point A to B.
Both A & B can be either n-by-2 (2D) or n-by-3 (3D) matrices. For more usage example, please use the "help arrow3" command.

What is new in version 4:
- Transparency and brightness controls
- Extended named color table (56 colors)
- ColorOrder
- LineStyleOrder
- LineWidthOrder
- Vectorized arrowhead and initial point marker dimensions
- Subplot support
- Bugs fixed!

What is new in version 3:
- log plot support
- linestyle & width
- data aspect ratio support
- initial point marker
- speed improvement for large (eg. 1000-by-3) matrices

Developed by Jeff Chang and Tom Davis.

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Jeff Chang (2021). Arrow3 version 4.58 (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (25)

David Comer

This is a great contribution for illustrations. Really helps document Electrostatic fields in Electromagnetics.

Kennedy Kamotho

I am new to file exchange how can i download this file

Joseph Tang

tres bien.

Brian Bak

Does anyone have a smart way of using arrow3 to draw a coordinate system with 3 arrows intersecting at (0,0,0) that scales the length of the arrows like in the default box mode axes when when you plot with "axis on"

Jorge Ojeda

the Arrow3 clear my text!! where used two axes why?

ishii nanao

Fang bo

So strong!

Igor Prikhodko

Tom Davis

Arrow3 Version 5.0 (File Id: 14056) will hopefully address the "messes up my plots" issue. Users are encouraged to report problems directly to the author.

c r

messes up plots

Svetla Jivkova

This function messes up my plots.

d y

Mauro Sarni

very good program!

a a

lan adamlar ne kod yaziyorlar be. sefefsizin kodunu calýþtýrdým proje bitti sayilir helal lan jeff adamimsin gözüm benim..

igor beliaev

Very helpful, nice documentation, list of examples is time saver.
Thank you!

v vk

best arrow function, arrows heads are consistantly the same size

Dave Cogdell

Good, useful code. One suggestion: include a concise one-page synopsis at the top of the help text that provides:
a) an exact copy of the function definition,
b) PURPOSE: a one- or two-sentence statement of, obviously, the purpose of the function - what does it do,
c) INPUT: one-line descriptions of each input variable,
d) OUTPUT: one-line descriptions of each output item (whether parameter or graphical), with defaults (if any) indicated
e) TYPICAL FUNCTION CALL: (with numerical/alpha etc. values substituted for the nargin parameters in the function definition

eric s

Saved me from writing a plotting tool to create arrows at the end of my vectors. Thanks.

dirk becks

this file messes up the axes and resizes my plots. but it sure comes in handy

Tom Davis

This is my fourth attempt to respond to Aaron's problem. I am including a rating this time in hope that it will post. I fear that all four replies will someday appear, but ... There are many circumstances that will resize both the plotbox and the axes. If you email an example, Aaron, I will suggest a solution. Cheers. Tom

Aaron Luttman

This function resizes my plots. It doesn't change my axes (which are always manually set), but it changes the size of my axes within the figure window.

Karl Lonngren

This is an excellent program for a person who is trying to illustrate vectors in a document. The authors are to be congratulated and thanked.

Zach Jin

Great function. Thanks for writing this.

shoubiao zhu


George Castle

This is a great utility for arrow placement. Thanks for sumitting it.

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