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inflate(AMT,YEAR1,YEAR2) adjusts the value of the US dollar amount AMT for inflation as per the consumer price index, from what AMT was in year YEAR1 to what it was in year YEAR2. This is done using the CPI Inflation Calculator provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

AMT can be any dollar amount. YEAR1 and YEAR2 each can both be any year from 1913 to the current year. YEAR2 is optional, with its default value being the current year.


inflate(100,1913,2007) returns 2055.5455. This indicates that $100 in the year 1913 had the same purchasing power as $2,055.55 in the year 2007.

inflate(100,2007,1913) returns 4.8649

inflate(1,1975,2000) returns 3.2007

inflate(10.00,2001) returns 11.4906

amts_new=arrayfun(@inflate,amts,years1,years2) returns [118.1760, 116.2851, 8443.9419]


Internet connectivity is required for this function to work.

This function will stop working if BLS changes its CPI Inflation Calculator page in a way that is sensitive to this function.

The URL to the CPI Inflation Calculator page is

A "persistent" variable is used, so BLS is queried only once per session for every new combination of years.

It is of course possible to perform adjustment calculations entirely offline - this is warranted in any production environment. This is possible as long as historical CPI or inflation rates are available. By querying BLS, this function takes a somewhat lazy approach.

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