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Magic 8 Ball

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70's novelty

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Updated 04 Mar 2002

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An implementation of the 70's novelty prognosticator. Based on "why.m".

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Scott Copeland (2021). Magic 8 Ball (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Walter Roberson

This implementation cannot generate the final state, "Very doubtful." . rand() can never exactly equal 0 or 1, so 20*rand() can never exactly equal 0 or 20. fix() rounds towards 0, breaking up into (0, 1-eps], [1, 2*(1-eps)], [2, 3*(1-eps)], [3, 4*(1-eps)] and so on up to [19, 20*(1-eps)] with that [19, 20*(1-eps)] mapping to 19. There is no possibility of fix(20*rand) mapping to 20 because 20*rand can never be greater than 20 and rand cannot exactly equal 1 so 20*rand < 20 always. Therefore the otherwise case can never be encountered and so "Very doubtful" cannot be generated.
That said, there are 20 states 0 to 19 that can be generated, and the official Magic 8 Ball only has 20 responses, so it is more an issue that the reader might be misled into thinking "Very doubtful" could potentially be generated rather than there being a malfunction in the code.

Connor Young

thank you it is cool

elgorani naoufal

Roman Akulov

Just take a look at the code.
Outstanding game... ;)

Kerby Chan

It works great, till you open the source code. Breaking up the "Magic 8 Ball" to see how it works is not quite a turn-on. Agree?

Liz George

I would be gald to your client

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