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M-QAM modulation and demodulation

version (398 KB) by Santosh Shah
this is the QAM modulation and demodulation tech. with speech example


Updated 27 Apr 2007

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you can rum these files by my_speech.m file, taking an value like my_speech(64, 'qam') in the command window of MATLAB.

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Santosh Shah (2021). M-QAM modulation and demodulation (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Dang Nguyen


function z = my_qamdemod(y, m)

%this is the function for demodulation of QAM, y is the M-QAM Modulated
%signam, m is playing the same role. z is the demodulated output. input y
%is a row or coulmn vector and, z should be the row vector.

%santosh shah, The LNM IIT Jaipur (India)( 23/04/07

% again i need to check the value of M, so by the same process.
if log2(sqrt(m))~= floor(log2(sqrt(m)))
error('Please check the value of m that you have provided for type M-QAM.');

%taking the reverse process
k = sqrt(m);
r = 2*(0:k-1) - k + 1;
[xi, yi] = meshgrid(r);
c = xi + j*flipud(yi);
c = c(:);

%now comparing the data from c's vector after rounding the input data.
% Allocate space for output
z = zeros(size(y));

% Slicer: Find closest constellation symbol, symbol-by-symbol.
for k = 1:length(y)
[nil ind] = min(abs(y(k) - c));
z(k) = ind - 1;

Eugene Rychkov

Please, chack code in conditions of multipath channel. When I added it, qnd tried just on saw signal (QPSK = ' statements = 1 2 3 0), i didn't receive 3 in any conditions. Otherwise, when I tried it with waw file, there so much 3 appeared, but in initial massage there are so little 3 number. What is that?

Le Quy Duong

shervin shokri

Dear Santosh Shah
just like some friends i followed your description to run the code but it doesn't work.
how i can fix it?
all the best.

Error using wavread (line 67)
Invalid Wave File. Reason: Cannot open file.

Error in my_speech (line 17)
siz = wavread(test_data, 'size');

alejandro serrano

is good



Sourav Mondal

this code is not working on command window.. even in R2011b version.
In addition, the quam modulator doesn't work for M=2,8,32 i.e., for odd powers of 2..!! Really needs some correction!

Otto Garcia

Hi friend!
I tried with my own file sound but it doesn't work
What do I do?


Hi, Santosh Shah
I use MATLAB 2009, I have tried to run your code but it doesn't work. In command window show this message.

>> my_speech(64,'qam')
??? Error using ==> wavread at 67
Cannot open file.

Error in ==> my_speech at 17
siz = wavread(test_data, 'size');

How can I fix it?
Best regard,

lijian zhang

very good

nikos mpairak

thanks a lot


zhao long

very good ,gold bless you

Nabil al-hadawy


Luisa Fernanda Echevery

Me parece excelente el archivo

Ruben Bocos

WU Chia -da

snell marc

Rami Neseem

Nguyen Duc Phu

I am working for Vietnam television
I need QAM Modulation software

My speech_sim_result.bmp Tenqchen

Good fitting

Adomniteimiki Mihaela


simo azzed

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