KLM model

Implementation of the model published by Krimholtz, Leedom and Matthae (1970), for 2-d piezo-ceramic transducers
Updated 4 May 2024

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function res=KLMPiezo(varargin)
% varargin = model file, var1, var2 (for stepping).
% Model piezo-ceramic transducers.
% Implimentation of the model published by Krimholtz, Leedom and Matthae
% (1970, for 2-d piezo-ceramic transducers
% This uses ABCD matrix approach implimented with the Two-Port package found in
% the matlab file exchange. You need this toolbox from Matlab FIle Exchange: "Linear 2-port Circuit
% Simulator by Brett Bymaster.
% This is a lumped-element model, which you could add to you circuit models
% for transmitter and receivers, by cascading in their ABCD matrices.
% "layers" and "backlayers" are arrays of "material" structures, each with fields:
% velocity, acoustic impedance "z", thickness. The last back layer is infinite in length.
% The infinite front z however is entered as a separate variable "front"
% Can do 2-way (pulse-echo)
% The first section lists material properties. You can easily add more. For piezo materials I have
% so far only defined pzt4, K81, and a few of my composites. In model
% building, you refer to these materials by the tem.type field.
% User inputs:
% 1. what to plot. Set to "1" if you want this plot. Can do frequency
% plots or time plots (with a given voltage excitation)
% 2. The model, consisting of design center freq, crystal material, facing
% and backing layer materials and thickness etc. It will save your model as a struct (model.mat), which
% you can later pass to this fcn as a param if you want (varargin).
% 3. misc inputs, like number of points in calculation, and source impedance.
% For electrical network, I haven't implimented coax cable yet.
% 8/8/16 can't handle case of no facing yet, so just use thin or invisible layer for that case.
% 10/17/16 loss in facing (and thus backing) doesn't seem to do anything.

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Andrew Draudt (2024). KLM model (https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/155777-klm-model), MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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