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Inspired By Adobe Photoshop

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Updated 24 Sep 2009

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Inspired By Adobe Photoshop.
Thanks to Faisal Baig for codes of Motion Blur,Laplace Filter and Usm filter.
Its actually inspired by many of my earlier made functions.
I would love to extend this software to show the real capabilities of MATLAB.

This software took me quite a bit of time.
I hope there are no bugs, but if any bugs are found however small they are,
please report them to me.

Comments are important as these encourage we all matlab authors to better furnish,
remove minor bugs and helps to make better codes.
Specially while working with many guis at the sametime makes it complex,so I really think
that codes could be improved.
So, please put in your valuable inputs, those are most welcome.

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Divakar Roy

Regarding the Tools, I thought to put more menus under it, so it's like that. And I modified some codes to make them more ideal.

tom wilson

Good effort: this contains some of the image processing basics and is a nice framework for photo manipulation. However, it's not a professional tool. (Auto color, for example, is not ideal.) Contributions / refinements from other authors could really improve it.
N.B. would be better if the possible operations were listed directly in the Tools menu, so we don't have to go via tools/image every time.

emina tufek



Codes are optimized to run faster now.

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