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FILLNANS replaces all NaNs in array using inverse-distance weighting between non-NaN values.
Updated 18 Jul 2007

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FILLNANS replaces all NaNs in array using inverse-distance weighting.
Y = FILLNANS(X) replaces all NaNs in the vector or array X by inverse-distance weighted interpolation:
Y = sum(X/D^3)/sum(1/D^3)
where D is the distance (in pixels) from the NaN node to all non-NaN values X. Values farther from a known non-NaN value will tend toward the average of all the values.

Y = FILLNANS(...,'power',p) uses a power of p in the weighting function. The higher the value of p, the stronger the weighting.

Y = FILLNANS(...,'radius',d) only used pixels < d pixels away for weighted averaging.

NOTE: Use in conjunction with INVDISTGRID to grid and interpolate x,y,z data.


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