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Read and return ENVI image file header information.
Updated 26 Jul 2007

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INFO = READ_ENVIHDR('HDR_FILE') reads the ASCII ENVI-generated image header file and returns all the information in a structure of parameters.

>> info = read_envihdr('my_envi_image.hdr')
info =
description: [1x101 char]
samples: 658
lines: 749
bands: 3
header_offset: 0
file_type: 'ENVI Standard'
data_type: 4
interleave: 'bsq'
sensor_type: 'Unknown'
byte_order: 0
map_info: [1x1 struct]
projection_info: [1x102 char]
wavelength_units: 'Unknown'
pixel_size: [1x1 struct]
band_names: [1x154 char]

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Version Published Release Notes

-Fixed problem with reading image coordinates when a point other than the upper left corner is in the header. The fields info.map_info.ulx and uly are now mapx and mapy to reflect this.