A much improved CHAR2LINE

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Returns a character array or cellstr as a single, delimited string. Useful for building ascii files.
Updated 30 Jul 2007

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CHAR2LINE Make a single spaced or delimited line from a char or cellstr.
B = char2line(A) puts each row of a character array or each cell in a cell array of strings into a single line separated by spaces. If A is a cellstr, the output string will be ordered by rows.
B = char2line(A,'delimiter') separates each string by 'delimiter'.

Example 1:
>> A = char('An','example','of','char2line');
>> char2line(A)
ans =
An example of char2line
Example 2:
>> char2line(A,',')
ans =
Example 3:
A = repmat(cellstr(A),[1,2])
A =
'An' 'An'
'example' 'example'
'of' 'of'
'char2line' 'char2line'
>> char2line(A)
ans =
An An example example of of char2line char2line

Thanks to jos x for suggestions in improving this function.

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