Space Arc System Analysis with Flexibility Stiffness and Linear Static Method (update:05-08-07)

Space arc system
Updated 6 Aug 2007

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In this matlab application is descriptioned space arc-system with linear static analysis method. This method of base theorem and applications are flexibility matrix conversion for element local axis system to stiffness matrix.

function [Pl,Pg,K_l,K_g,T,Hu,D,Re,R] = arc_system(arc_no)


arc_no = Graphical interface for selected arc-element no.

[1] Function input variables:
m_p = Material properties matrix
p_p = Per arc element angles theta and beta matrix
Cor = Global system all nodes cartesian coordinates
Pos = Position matrix
Re = Reology matrix

Pl = Local axis system node reactions
Pg = Globa axis system node reactions
K_l = Local axis system stiffness matrix
K_g = Global axis system stiffness matrix
T = Transformation matrix
S = Static connection matrix for (j) to (i) node
F = Flexibility matrix
Hu = Modal displacement matrix for per element
D = System displacement
Re = Reology matrix
R = Boundary conditions system


[Pl,Pg,K_l,K_g,T,Hu,D,Re,R] = arc_system([17:19 25:28]) ;

Pl = 12x32 double
Pg = 12x32 double
K_l = 12x12x32 double
K_g = 12x12x32 double
T = 12x12x32 double
Hu = 32x12 double
D = 58x1 double
Re = 17x6 double

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Ali OZGUL (2024). Space Arc System Analysis with Flexibility Stiffness and Linear Static Method (update:05-08-07) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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