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This cascades existing figure windows.

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Updated 01 Sep 2016

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This function takes existing figures and cascades them so that they are easy to see and access when not docked.

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Isaac Noh (2021). Cascade (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Jiangyue Zhang

When the cascade deck of figures is full, can you start another deck that is horizontally offset from the first figure in the first deck? This will allow multi-deck of cascade figures on one monitor.

Thanks again for a great program.

Jiangyue Zhang

This is a great function to have when there's too many figures. However, it does not always sort the figures by the figure number, which is often desired.
Replacing figs=sort(figs);
with figs=handle(sort(double(findall(0,'type','figure'))));
Will allow the figures to be sorted by the figure number.
I'd recommend to either implement it as an option or replace it.

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Compatible with any release
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