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Numerical Computing with Simulink, Vol. 1

version (2.08 MB) by Richard Gran
This sequel to Numerical Computing with MATLAB explores the mathematics of simulation.


Updated 19 May 2009

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Numerical Computing with Simulink, Volume 1, is a sequel to Cleve Moler's "Numerical Computing with MATLAB". The book is designed for an introductory course on simulation and for practicing engineers who need to create simulations and also want to work smarter.

The book starts with simple examples and gradually introduces more complex simulations showing the user how to build models that are efficient and exploit the many features of Simulink that make models easy to use and understand.

The book covers building models for mechanical, electrical, aerospace, thermodynamic and transportation systems. Along the way are introductions to control systems, digital signal processing and stochastic processes. Models are created for mechanical and electrical systems using first principles and also using SimPowerSystems and SimMechanics.

Stateflow is used to create reactive systems and to model logical decisions. The emphasis throughout the book is on the use of the most effective visual paradigm and the concept of visual programming. The book also shows how to use Simulink in a complete "Systems Engineering" process. The last chapter of the book illustrates these ideas using the Lunar Module digital autopilot design that the author described in the MathWorks Summer 1999 News and Notes.

An integral part of the book is the over 80 model and M-files that are posted on the MathWorks MATLAB Central web site.

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In page 35 of the text book the author ask readers to open the M-file "expm_ncs" in the NCS Library and follow its steps to form the matrix exponential but this code is not available. Did I misunderstand the sentence? If not, where can I find the code "expm_ncs"? Thanks.

Jesus Eduardo

carlos calderon

Excellent book and a great manual for students in any area of engineering

i only would add ..a must have .

fgf fgfg


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