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INCA Matlab Auto Calibration Wizard

version (1.62 MB) by Tim Foster
This is a Matlab application which accesses the INCA API and guides users through the process of aut


Updated 28 Sep 2007

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INCA, the industry leading automotive ECU measurement and calibration tool from ETAS, provides a product add-on, the Matlab Integration Package, which allows Matlab (and therefore Matlab users) the abiltiy to access a majority of the capabilities and functionality of INCA. Typically this functionality is focused on the automation of automotive ECU measurement and control parameter calibration tasks. Additionally, many Matlab and INCA users find value in using the computational capabilites of Matlab for the purposes of optimizing control parameter values. This is the focus of the INCA Matlab Auto Calibration Wizard.

The INCA Matlab Auto Calibration Wizard is intended to walk a user through the typically complicated process of automating the task of calibration parameter optimization in complex control systems.

The INCA Matlab Auto Calibration Wizard was designed to be a stand-alone Matlab application and no Matlab programming experience or INCA experience is required to use this tool. It is helpful however, to be knowlegable in the concepts of calibration of ECU control functions and the concept of calibration parameter optimization.

Applications required to use the INCA Matlab Auto Calibration Wizard:
- Matlab V7.0 or higher
- INCA V5.4 or higher
- INCA-MIP Matlab Integration Package

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useful,thank you

I have some questions regarding MATLAB-INCA API. Is it the right place to ask those questions?

Jiang Xin

Great job!

Max Payne

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R14
Compatible with any release
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

Inspired by: INCA/MATLAB GUI demo

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