Fourier Series Tool

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Draw function (signal) plot by giving furier coefficents for complex exponential


Updated 5 Nov 2007

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The programme here draws the plot of the periodic signal whose ’Ck‘ is given by user.

Following data should be entered by user.
1. Ck value (separate for k=zero, k= even and k=odd)
2. Time period of periodic function
3. Resolution
4. Range of k (it is actually -inf to +inf) we can only give suitable value for process to converge.

Variables which can be used for Ck value are following
1. k
2. W - omega represnting “2*pi/T”
3. T – Time period

We can study following
1. Correctness of Ck we got for known periodic signal
2. signal for given Ck
3. how sampling effect the singal (by varying resolution)
4. Why the descrite signal got limits -N/2 to +N/2 (instead of -inf to +inf)
Basic terminology
Periodic signal is a function of time. We use the term signal and function here(both are interchangable here)
As we know, we can describe any periodic functions in terms complex exponential function. The coefficient of complex coeffiecient is represented by ‘Ck’.
Ck is function of ‘K’.

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