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Diffusion-induced instability in a coupled reactor system

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Updated 12 Nov 2007

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Membrane diffusion in a coupled reactor system can cause complex behaviour such as oscillations, period doubling and chaos. Here we study a simple model suggested by Deng-Harrison in 1969. The bifurcation diagram is obtained. We find good agreement with Figure 10 page 76 of the paper by Lengyel and Epstein.

I. Lengyel and I. R. Epstein, Diffusion-induced instability in chemically reacting systems: Steady-state multiplicity, oscillation, and chaos, Chaos 1 (1) 69-76, 1991.

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Dr. Housam Binous
thank you for the source codes;
they are really helpful;
thank you

Duane Hanselman

Typical submission from this author. Simply reproduces figures found in a specific journal article not mentioned anywhere in the M-file. No user settable parameters. No variable descriptions. No help text to explain the code. Promotes poor programming practices to students. Warning:Clears all variables in the command workspace.

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