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Makes lines or line children of axes highlightable


Updated 13 Nov 2007

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% MAKELINEHIGHLIGHTABLE sets the ButtonDownFcn of lines or line children
% of axes so that when the line is clicked the line width is increased or
% decreased. when the line is clicked again the line width returns to the
% original value.
% MAKELINEHIGHLIGHTABLE(H,HIGHLIGHTPOINTS): H is a line or axes handle or a vector of line and/or axes handles
% HIGHLIGHTPOINTS(optional) is the number of points to
% increase (or decrease) the line width when the line is clicked. If not
% supplied the default value is 2.
% MAKELINEHIGHLIGHTABLE(H,0): turns off the highlightable ButtonDownFcn for the line handles in H.
% Examples:
% h = plot(1:10,rand(10));
% makeLineHighlightable(h) %increase line width by 2 when clicked
% a = get(h(1),'Parent');
% makeLineHighlightable(a,5); %increase by 5 all lines in the axes
% makeLineHighlightable(h(1:5),0); %turn off the first 5 lines highlighting
% makeLineHighlightable(a,0); %turn off all the lines highlighting

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Matthew Whitaker (2022). makeLineHighlightable (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Created with R2006b
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