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Contour Plot onto Image

version (1.53 KB) by Prakash Manandhar
Plots contour points onto Image

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Updated 14 Dec 2007

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Plots contour points onto given image. The contour vector is assumed to be in the domain as defined in ToPolar.m (another file submitted by me)

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Prakash Manandhar (2019). Contour Plot onto Image (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Claudio Pozo

Prakash Manandhar

If you can get it to work and you just need to display the contoured image, you can use the Active Contour Toolbox by By Eric Debreuve. The function you should look for is ac_plot. Example:

% Mr x Nr = image size

figure(13); hold on;
imagesc(im(end:-1:1, :)); colormap gray; axis ([0 Mr-1 0 Nr-1]);
ac_plot(segm_context_in.acontour, Nr, 'ey--1.5');
hold off;

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