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NanoVis: molecular visualizer

version (10.9 KB) by Giuseppe Romano
NanoVis: Molecular visualizer


Updated 10 Jan 2008

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NanoVis (beta version) allows to visualize any atomistic structure by reading a user defined file. The supported formats are "gen" and "xyz". There are two display modes: normal and "spacefill". In the zip file, with the .m file, there are two examples of structure and a file containing the atoms properties.
NanoVis is a small part of NanoBuild, a complete software that allows to build any structure atom by atom.
There are several advanced tools of molecular rotation and translation. For more information please contact

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Pretty nice. We need more code like this

Superb work, Jmol in MATLAB. Automatic determination of bonds is quite robust.

Gabriele Penazzi

Very nice 3D molecular visualizer.
Good rendering for a stand-alone code, not using external libs.


changment in summary

changment in summary

Changement in title

Changment the email address contained in the m. file.
Some changment in the description section.

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