Program to generate applications which are time bound/evaluation

Create stand alone application which is time bound to distriute for demo purposes.
Updated 15 Jan 2008

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This program is useful in generating a demo application which can be integrated in your stand alone application to make it time bound. This can particularly be useful when you want to distribute
your stand alone applications for demo purpose so that your application is
fully functional for the specified amount of days

Help for evaluation.p
function [output days_in_use] = evaluation(num_of_days,msg_on_off)

USAGE : output = evaluation(30,'on');

output = evaluation; %takes 30 as default and message to 'on'
output = evaluation(30,'off');

First input argument specifies the number of valid days ex: 30
Second input argument specifies whether to give an error dialog or not e:

P.N: evaluation.p and remove_evalution.p are the only files required for
placing and removing the time limit. Rest of the files in the zip file
are for the gui, magic_number.m

Help for remove_evaluation.p
This function is used to remove any changes made by the evaluation function.
Usage : remove_evaluation

Help for magic_number.m
This is a demo gui for testing the above said evaluation function
Usage : magic_number
To test whether the program works for 30 days or not , just change the
date from the system tray and re run the application. If you change the
date backward, it will give an error but as soon as the date is modified
to the latest date set, it will start again.
Good Luck!

Vihang Patil, Jan 2008
Copyright 2004-2008 Vihang Patil
Created: 14th Jan 2008
Free to use and distribute

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