Interactive editing of variables.
Updated 10 Jul 2002

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This function allows you to edit variables in a spreadsheet like way. To edit a variable 'in1', type:

out1 = md_edit(in1, ...options...);

The variable 'out1' will contain the edited data. You can edit several matrices of equal dimensions simultaneously by typing them as the first parameters of MD_EDIT:

[out1,out2,out3,out4] = md_edit(in1, in2, in3, in4, ...options...);

The elements of the matrices at specific indices can be edited in the upper part of the window. The indices can be selected in the lower part. If one matrix is edited, the editing takes place in the lower part.

When the input variable is a cell array clicking on an element switches the editing to the editing of that element. The popupmenu at the bottom of the figure can be used to get back to a higher level. Similar for a
struct array of which the fields can be selected in the upper part of the window.

When the array has dimension higher than two you are asked to select a slice out of the array to display. This is done by selecting two dimensions that you want to display completely and by specifying indices for the other dimensions.

The array size can be changed by selecting columns or rows and deleting and inserting them.

xt = get(gca,'xtick')';
xtl = get(gca,'xticklabel');
[xt,xtl] = md_edit(xt,xtl,'multiple',{'tick','ticklabel'}, ...
'label',{'123' 'none'},'dimlabel',{'tick number',''});

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