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IconEditor v1.6 (2010)

version (115 KB) by Elmar Tarajan
iconeditor icon editor for creating and editing icons and small images.


Updated 05 Mar 2010

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ICONEDITOR create and edit icons or mouse cursors in either standard or custom sizes

x - horizontal size (16 as deault)
y - horizontal size (16 as deault)
pixel - size of each dot (13 as deafult)

same as iconeditor(16,16,16)

img - 3D-RGB image matrix

img - RGB image matrix
pixel - size of each pixel (13 as deault)

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Elmar Tarajan (2021). IconEditor v1.6 (2010) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (19)

Ali A

Stefano Gianoli


It may be required to run this before using MATLAB's built in iconeditor:



Instead of using this outdated and p-coded submission, i've resorted to using built-in iconeditor, as described here:

To be able to use GUIDE's icon editor in standalone mode, call it like this:

cdata = iconeditor

cdata then contains your icon. You can save it to mat file and import it later to GUIDE's icon editor to continue editing.

Andrei Veldman

Not sharing the source code is hardly sharing, especially when it is not maintained: p-code was generated back with R2007b, and I'm writing this in 2017!

Jouke van der Krieke


I love this utility!
Only (but very big) con: It's a pity the code is protected: now with R2016a it doesn't work any longer, and I cannot try to fix the problem.


I've been using and loving this utility for a long time, but it finally broke in R2016a. The previously-reported warning message is now an error:

The P-code file Z:\Matlab\icons\iconeditor.p was generated prior to MATLAB version 7.5
(R2007b) and is no longer supported. Use pcode to regenerate the file using MATLAB R2007b
or later.

Robert Moss

I'm running MATLAB Version: (R2013a). When running the p-code file, I receive this:

Warning: The P-code file iconeditor.p was generated prior to MATLAB
version 7.5 (R2007b) and will not be supported in a future release.
Use pcode to regenerate iconeditor.p using MATLAB R2007b or later.

In addition to this warning, the pixels are not being colored properly when using the gui.

Would it be possible to get a freshly generated p-code file, or better yet, the actual code? I might be able to fix it then.


John Thompson

Hello Elmar,

Great tool! What is the simplest way to export the gui doodle to an icon format (i.e. jpg)?


Elmar Tarajan

@Y Mehta

In case when you want to place both, the icon and the text within the pushbutton - e.g. icon on left side and text on the right, so you can see how it looks - if there is enough space.

Especially I have created icons like a boarder around the text.

Changshun Deng

Y Mehta


This is a great utility and I am using it extensively. Thank you.

I observed that I can *right* click one of the top five pushbuttons and choose "set string" option. When I do so, it sets a string in the pushbutton. What's the purpose of that? When I export icons after writing those strings, the string has no effect on the icon.

jairo Ortiz

Paul Premakumar

Very nice tool! Very easy to use and the GUI is cool.

Elmar Tarajan

>> an error while selecting the standard
>> options again after other color options.

Saim .X

i also encountered an error while selecting the standard options again after other color options. following error was encountered:

??? Error using ==> eval
Undefined function or method 'standard' for input arguments of type 'double'.

Error in ==> iconeditor>changecolormap at 477
set(h,'FaceVertexCData',reshape(repmat(eval([get(obj,'Label') '(48)'])',4,1),[3 192])');

??? Error while evaluating uimenu Callback

Saim .X

it's cool, GUI IS COOL.i would like to see the next version with more features of like
1. importing the icon or image.
2. put a help guide.
3. saving the file in icon format.
4. giving the user an option to select the size of the canvas/ or resolution etc.
5. Keep the work, waiting for ur nxt version
as it took time for me to understand the working.

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2009b
Compatible with any release
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

Inspired: Custom Pan/Zoom Icons

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