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Numeric Keypad Maze

version (4.12 KB) by Per-Anders Ekstrom
GUI for playing the Numeric Keypad Maze game


Updated 10 Apr 2008

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In this game you will use the numeric keypad. Num Lock should be active before you start. You have to find your way to the maze's exit by pressing the right keys. You have to press the number in the square where you want to move. The player can only move up, down, left and right. If you get stuck, the game ends.
The game consist of five different mazes which are created randomly. The game gets harder for each level, first level has 0-5 as options and the fifth level has 0-9 as options. The goal is to get to the exit as quick as possible with the least amount of keypresses.
Every wrong keypress counts as three keypresses.
You have 60 seconds and 100 keypresses on you to get to the exit of each maze. The score that is counted at the end is the sum of remaining seconds and remaining keypresses. At the end of the fifth maze you can your score is saved if it beats the highscore. Improve your results and be the numeric keypad master!

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numpadmaze % Start the Numeric Keypad Maze Game

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