Fortran mxCreateLogicalSpar​seMatrix

The Fortran version of the mxCreateSparseLogicalMatrix function for mex and engine apps
Updated 12 May 2008

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There are several mex and engine functions available for C programmers that are curiously missing for Fortran programmers. My other submissions cover many of these omissions. I think this current submission completes the list and fills is the last of the Fortran mex & engine routines that were missing from MATLAB's supplied API.

mxCreateSparseLogicalMatrix does the same thing as the C counterpart, i.e. it creates a sparse logical matrix with the requested parameters. There are two test driver routines supplied:

1) mexTestCreateSparseLogicalMatrix.for is a mex routine for testing the function.

2)engTestCreateSparseLogicalMatrix.for is an engine application for testing the function.

I had to accomplish the function differently in mex routines vs engine applications, so there are actually two different functions in the mxCreateSparseLogicalMatrix.for file. You select one or the other depending on whether or not the following define is present:

#define _ENGINE

Or, of course, you could just copy & paste the appropriate function into your source file.

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