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Removing blob(s) from a binary image

version (2.17 KB) by Mathijs van Vulpen
'bwremove' removes the blob(s) in the seed image that is overlapped by the blob(s) in the mask image


Updated 03 May 2016

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BWREMOVE Removes objects in binary image.
BW3 = BWREMOVE(BW1,BW2) returns a binary image BW3 where the objects from the mask image that overlap the seed image are removed. Both the seed BW1 and the mask BW2 images can have multiple blobs.
[BW3, BW4] = BWREMOVE(BW1,BW2) returns the binary image BW4 which contains the removed blob(s).

Class Support
The input images BW1 and BW2 can be logical or any numeric type and must be 2-D and nonsparse. The output images BW3 and BW4 are logical.

BW1 = imread('text.png');
BW2 = zeros(size(BW1));
BW2(34,126) = 1;
BW3 = bwremove(BW1,BW2);
figure, imshow(BW1)
figure, imshow(BW3)

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Updated for BSD license, on request of Mathworks

minor bugfix.

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2006b
Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux