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CRYSIS performance benchmark analysis

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simple, detailed benchmark data charted


Updated 09 Jun 2008

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Graphics Hardware is often benchmarked by how it performs under load- like
in intensive 3D games. A measure of the system performance in the game is
how many Frames Per Second (FPS) it can render. Presently, only a small
proportion of consumer graphics hardware is able to handle the 3D game
CRYSIS. As such it is used as a stress-test to appraise graphics

FRAPS was used to log frame rate during Crysis game play (Crytek Engine)
for approximately 50 minutes. The in game setting were all set to High, at
a resolution of 1600 x 1200. No Anti-Aliasing (0xAA) was enabled during

The actual data used was imported into Matlab from the FRAPS 'fps' log.
To see how actual game play shapes up, in-depth frame rate
disrtibutions are generated. A chart displaying FFT-smoothened data shows
the actual frame rate (fps) over time.

This m-file can be used as a template for analyzing benchmarking data
from FRAPS or other benchmarking software.

This is a useful alternative to built-in game benchmarks such as the one
in CRYSIS. This reflects actual game play very closely and tests
performance across a range of environments and enemies.

An additional data file (fear_8800.mat) besides the CRYSIS frame rate data is included as an example of this M-File's use as a template for other benchmarks.

John Terance 2008

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Mom entary

Great! Are you still improving it and/or adapting it for other actual and coming games. GFX analysis is a big task and really a pain, so your analyse script comes just handy.

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