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Scattered Field of a Conducting and Stratified Spheres

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Compute the Scattered Fields of Conducting (PEC) and Stratified Dielectric Spheres via Mie Series



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Scripts for computing the coefficients (An and Bn) and complex-value scattered electric far fields of perfectly conducting (PEC), as well as stratified (layered) dielectric spheres (with or without a PEC core), using the Mie series solution.

Follows the treatment in Chapter 3 of

Ruck, et. al. "Radar Cross Section Handbook", Plenum Press, 1970.

with corrections to errors therein.

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Eve Klopf

Great program! Starting with this, it's easy to implement the rest of the equations for the other spheres in the chapter. Thanks for putting this up! =)



corrected spelling errors


Updated to treat stratified spheres.


Add treatments for stratified spheres.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.14 (R2012a)

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