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Paint like Jackson Pollock in Matlab

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Updated 07 Jul 2008

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By clicking and dragging the mouse across the canvas, the user will
splatter paint across the canvas like Jackson Pollock. The faster the
user moves the mouse, the smaller the platters become and vice versa.
The user can, using the menu options, choose to save the canvas to a
file, start over, close the window, choose the background color of the
canvas, or choose the specific color or palette of colors of paint.

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James Roberts (2021). Pollock (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (11)

Martin Kisser


David Buckingham

this is really nicely done.

Oliver Woodford

Great fun, and very nicely implemented.

Oliver Woodford


Nice Work!


Matt Fig

Cool idea! Works well.

Hannes K.

This is cool. Nicely done!

Manu Raghavan

An excellent application. I amused myself for quite a while with this. Does however, have a tendency to blot near the end of a stroke. Barring that, really quite amusing

Jenn McBork

I'm not sure why, but this is incredibly satisfying. I think I might be addicted. *excited hand flapping*

John D'Errico

I doubt that the artwork I produce will command millions. If I was lucky, no more than stifled laughter. Even so, this does what it says it does, and does so reasonably well.

This is a gui, so it has no inputs. I was pleased to see an H1 line anyway, as well as descriptive help.

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