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Genetic Algorithm Solution to Economic Dispatch

version (21.6 KB) by RMS Danaraj
This program solves the economic dispatch problam using MATLAB genetic algorithm toolbox


Updated 24 Jul 2008

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This software contain two examples gatest.m and gatest.1.By running the programs as they are in the default folder. The allocation minimum fuel cost and transmission losses can be determined.

% The Example system is taken from the book Power System Analysis by Prof Haadi Sadaat Example 7.8
% the data matrix should have 5 columns of fuel cost coefficients and plant limits.
% 1.a ($/MW^2) 2. b $/MW 3. c ($) 4.lower lomit(MW) 5.Upper limit(MW)
%no of rows denote the no of plants(n)
% x=[0 0]
global data B B0 B00 Pd
data=[0.008 7 200 10 85
0.009 6.3 180 10 80
0.007 6.8 140 10 70];
% Loss coefficients it should be squarematrix of size nXn where n is the no
% of plants
B=.01*[.0218 .0093 .0028;.0093 .0228 .0017;.0028 .0017 .0179];
B0=[.0003 .0031 .0015];
options = gaoptimset;
options = gaoptimset('PopulationSize', 50,'Generations', 500,'TimeLimit', 200,'StallTimeLimit', 100,'PlotFcns', {@gaplotbestf,@gaplotbestindiv})
[x ff]=ga(@eldga1,2,options)
[ F P1 Pl]=eldga1(x)
F =


P1 =

34.0089 64.0272 54.6342

Pl =



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Comments and Ratings (6)

farid gharzouli

thanks a lot

Thanks all

Gebru Tsega

I can not run this file could u help me more please?

Ajay Nagar

how i implement GA without B coefficient

Erdal Bizkevelci

Dimitri Shvorob

A homework project of little benefit to anybody with access to GA Toolbox docs. 'Economic dispatch problem' is apparently a scheduling one; there are several submissions on FEX (including some by Yi Cao) addressing it.

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