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would like to plot using double axis

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I need some help!!!! I would like to know how to plot two different sets of data with common x axi

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Updated 11 Aug 2008

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I would like to plot figure(10000) using double axis, see line number 217

and I would like to make a movie file of the figure formed using the loop which is from line number 161 to line number 189

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manuel martin (2021). would like to plot using double axis (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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D. G.

Just take a look at the help text! Use PLOTYY, IM2FRAME and MOVIE. Do not forget to delete your submission now. Thx and good luck!

Duane Hanselman

Maybe if you add some more exclamation points to your summary text you might get some feedback that you would like? Four is simply not enough.

John D'Errico

Nobody will answer your question placed on the file exchange, so all you have done is add clutter. If you actually want an answer, delete this, and post a question on the newsgroup, where people DO answer questions.


Duane Hanselman

This is a MATLAB function file exchange not a support group. Please delete this crap.

Please Remove

.. so you were too lazy to look for answers to these questions, and decided to litter FEX?

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