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Spider (radar) Chart

version (1.87 KB) by Tal Shir
Plots a radar (spider) chart (no need of circle function here)


Updated 04 Sep 2008

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Takes a numeric verctor and cell string vector and plots a spider chart (One data set is allowed)

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John D'Errico

The function was uploaded as radarplot_1.m, so the name is inconsistent with the help or examples. Clearly the author created a second version of this code, but chose to keep both of them. Sorry, but two versions on the file exchange just adds unnecessary dead wood. Delete the older version, and rename this one to have the correct name.

As for this version, the help is marginal, certainly not verbose. It does include an example, which is good. I found error checks, as well as internal comments. All good.

As for the code itself, mlint points out a failure to preallocate several arrays that are then grown inside a loop of known size. This makes for inefficient code in MATLAB. (Use mlint! Pay attention to what it says. This can often greatly improve your code.)

Finally, why is this code any better than the spiderplot utility already on the file exchange? (I'll suggest the answer may lie in the requirement of that code for the statistics toolbox.)


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