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Combine user provided option's structure with a default one


Updated 6 Nov 2011

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options = combineOpt (user_options, default_options)

The function allows easy definition and submission of options to a Matlab function.
combineOpt combines the fields of the structure user_options with the fields of the default_options's structure, during which the fields of user_options overwrite the fields of default_options.

>> user_options.B = 5;
>> user_options.C = 'foo';

>> default_options.A = 1;
>> default_options.B = 0;

>> options = combineOpt (user_options, default_options)
options =
A: 1
B: 5
C: 'foo'

The function can be very useful when there are many optional arguments that can be passed to a function. A useful structuring of one's function is

function y = myfunct(x, opt)
def_options = struct('a',5,'b',0);

if nargin == 0 % return the default options
y = def_options;
opt = combineOpt (opt, def_options)

% further code

end % function

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