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Finds best advance of conductivity relative to temperature in CTD data by minimising salinity spikes

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Updated 03 Oct 2008

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Salinity spiking in CTD data is caused by non-simultaneous sampling of conductivity and temperature.

find_cond_advance.m finds the best advance of conductivity relative to temperature to compensate for non-simultaneous sampling and thus minimise salinity spiking. The salinity calculated using this best advance value is also returned.

A .mat file of sample data is included in the package.

[bestAdv,bestSal,advances,goodness,binIndex] = find_cond_advance(t,c,p,-4,4);

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Kevin Bartlett (2020). find_cond_advance (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (2)

Kevin Bartlett

Cecilia, I never got an email notification that someone had commented on this submission. Were you able to solve your issue with the program?

Cecilia Chapa

Hi, think this function is a great idea. but I tried it and gave me error messages, I have no NaN´s in my data, and have the required input units.. any idea ?

??? Error using ==> interp1 at 172
NaN is not an appropriate value for X.

Error in ==> find_cond_advance>advance_conductivity at 773
advancedCond =

Error in ==> find_cond_advance at 345
advancedCond =

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Created with R2008a
Compatible with any release
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