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iSight image capture

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Tool for internal iSight webcam on MacBooks and matlab.

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Updated 10 Nov 2008

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The tool can capture images in black/white or RGB and send them to matlab. The tool uses some code initially posted here on matlabcentral by Ikkjin Ahn and is reused here with permission from the previous owner. The capture method uses java and can produce 20 frames per second if no other computation is done on the side.

The tool should work on all macosx versions of matlab 10.4-10.5, though it is only tested thouroughly on leopard.

If you find that the tool works with other macbooks or webcams aswell please let me know.

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QTJava which was a java-quicktime bridge has been deprecated in newer versions of OSX. Therefore the support of "iSight Image Capture" is in its current form broken.
I will look into a different solution using QTkit and MEX gateway routine, but I cannot make any promises.



it does not work on iMac(2011) Lion OS. Any hints for solving this?

Brian Pauw

Something appears to have changed in the isight quicktime calls, rendering the program inoperative on the latest mac os x release. Any hints towards methods for solving this?

Some documentation would be nice, but this code does work on my macbook pro, without inage acq toolbox. Many thanks!!

v = iSightInit([640 480])
img = iSightCapture(v, 640, 480);
There is a buffering issue -- seems that I have to call iSightCapture twice to get the current image. Video grabbing would be nice addition too.

Brian Pauw

Works for me, but some documentation would be nice. First image captured is empty.


What version of MATLAB and OSX are you using? This might be snow-leopard related, though I can't tell without knowing more about your systems.


I have exactly the same problem when using this toolbox is there other software I have to pre-install?


I really need this tool working but get the following error message when running the iSightTest.m:

??? Error using ==> javaObject
Java exception occurred:
java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: quicktime.QTSession.Gestalt(I[I)S
at quicktime.QTSession.Gestalt(Native Method)
at quicktime.QTSession.gestalt(
at SuperISightCapture.<init>(

Error in ==> iSightInit at 4
Error in ==> iSightTest at 16

It seems to me that there is something wrong with QuickTime settings/installation. Does anybody know?


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