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Allows user to see how parameters affect plots of trigonometric functions.

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Updated 12 Jan 2009

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Interactively explore how parameters affect trigonometric functions. TRIGDEMO allows user to manipulate the parameters A,B,C,D in the general equation:

y = y(x) = A trig(Bx + C) +D

Where trig is any one of sine, cosine, tangent, cosecant, secant, cotangent.

The inspiration for this was my participation in a discussion, during the course of which, it became clear that several very educated people didn't completely (reflexively) understand how these parameters affect the plot of trigonometric functions.

I figure if these folks were hesitant, there might be others out there who could use a little refresher.

For demonstration purposes only! This is not meant to be earth-shattering.

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Matt Fig

Good idea Oleg. I seem to remember thinking I should do this when I wrote it, but rejecting the idea for some reason. I will think about it some more and update the file if I can't remember my initial reason for rejecting this idea.

Oleg Komarov

I think the plot should be centered on (0,0) and the axis should be dashed (or visible somehow).
Having a reference point when manipualting the function would help even more to understand its behaviour.

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