Read ngspice

Loads data from ngspice simulations into MATLAB
Updated 24 Feb 2009

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% [Data, Labels] = ReadSpice(filename)
% Data is an MxN matrix containing the values of the M variables
% at each of the N datapoints.
% Labels is a M-vector with the Mth label corresponding to the
% Mth row in Data
% This script has been tested on raw (-r Out.raw) data from
% ngspice-rework17.
% Usage example:
% [data, labels] = ReadNGSpice('out.raw');
% labels (to view how the data is labeled)
% plot(data(1,:), data(6,:));
% title('Oscillator Output (V)');

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Madison McGaffin (2024). Read ngspice (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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