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Iterative Pyramidal LK Optical Flow

version (373 KB) by Berkin Bilgic
An implementation of Lucas-Kanade optical flow computation.


Updated 27 Mar 2009

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Using pyramid decomposition and iterative refinement, OF is calculated. Includes a demo and a paper that thoroughly explains the methodology.

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Berkin Bilgic (2021). Iterative Pyramidal LK Optical Flow (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Arnab Dhara

Please don't use this code. It is a wrong implementation. The convergence depends on the number of scales, which it shouldn't.

alon begin




Thanks.Recently,I'm researching this.

Y Simson

Nicely written code. Thanks

Assaf laufer

Hi all
the SAD before / SAD after is always at 1.6 ~ 1.9 for my pictures
Has anyone got beeter SAD ratio?

Berkin Bilgic


The terms Ix^2 and Iy^2 denote the second derivatives wrt to x and y. However, that matrix is sometimes ill conditioned, so you may want to google 'good features to track' by Shi&Tomosi which discusses that problem.

Gabriel Kasser


I am a french student and I tried make your algorythm work with python but I have a problem (I don't know if it is me or the pdf). when I compute the G matrix , this one is always uninvertible (I dont see how it would be possible to invert a Matrix [[Ix²,Ix*Iy],[IX*Iy,Iy²]] because the determinant is always 0) could you help me please?

Best regards

Berkin Bilgic


I added two example images and some more comments, I hope they'll be online soon.



Hi Berkin,

Thanks for sharing this. Could you please also upload the images yos9.tif and yos10.tif referenced in the demo.m file?


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