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Open/close m-files and change the current path with one click, across your different projects.
Updated 8 Jan 2013

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It is updated for R2011a and tested for Windows and Mac. For ease of use, I wrote an installer. (Installer is not provided for older Matlabs. Sorry... If your Matlab version is 2010b or earlier, please manually install the old version.)


>> pm('install')

After installation, you'll see a project manager menu added to the shortcuts category in the Matlab 'start' button as shown in the screenshot.

A shortcut for your current project is automatically added by installation.

When you make a new project, save it first, and then use the "Add a shortcut for the proj" to make a shortcut for it. (Note: you should save your project first BEFORE making a shortcut!)



Note 1.
The shortcut generated by "Add a shortcut for the proj" has a simple callback script:

pm('open_project', 'path to your project file.mat')

pm does not save your current project. But if you want that functionality, you can do it yourself very easily by modifying the shortcut like:

save workspace
pm('open_project', 'you project file.mat')
load workspace

You can further optimize this shortcut as you want. As an example, if you want to use the name of the current project to save your workspace,

[~,name] = fileparts(pm('current_project'));
pm('open_project', 'you project file.mat')
[~,name] = fileparts(pm('current_project'));

Or if you have your own local startup_local.m or finish_local.m, which are different across your projects, then

pm('open_project', 'you project file.mat');

There will be many ways of optimizing your shortcuts.


Note 2:

project manager resets your 'userpath' frequently. If you don't know about 'userpath', you don't have to worry. If you control your 'userpath' extensively, reconsider using this program. Otherwise, it is highly recommended to use the default Matlab 'userpath'. See 'help userpath' for more detail.


Note 3:

You can use automatic installation feature if you don't have any complex customized startup.m/finish.m in many scattered places. If you do have many startup.m/finish.m, renaming those is highly recommended (such as startup_local.m/finish_local.m) and centralize startup.m/finish.m in the Matlab default "userpath" folder. If you want to keep many startup.m/finish.m files in different folders, then please read manual installation section in the help to use Project Manager (it is very easy).

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Sung Soo Kim (2024). Project Manager (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Version Published Release Notes

bug fixes and improvements : startup_sample.m, finish_sample.m scripts were improved. File opening problem was resolved.

intro updated, no code mod,

installer update, a button for making a shortcut of the current project, No need to restart after installation

installer bug fix

installer bug fix.

installer added (shortcuts will be added to the Matlab "Start" button), bug fixes, loosely tested in both Mac OS X/Windows XP sp3

now works in R2011a. unit_test is dropped. use the old version for matlab R2010b or earlier.

copyright update

Minor bug fix.