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Dilates matrix data

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Dilates a time series input and resizes it.

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Updated 17 Mar 2009

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Dilates a time series input and resizes it to the orignal sample length
input. If a matrix is input, dilation is done along columns. % The up/down
sampling is done via resample.m, so low-pass filtering of the
up/downsampling is automatically implemented. An anti-alaising, lowpass
filter is applied to the data, and the signal delay is compensated for via

[W]=dilateColumns(data); %default dilation is 2
[W]=dilateColumns(data,dilNum); %a vector of dilation values

data: A matrix of data vectors stored column-wise.
dilNum: A vector of dilation values. Negative dilation values
compress (downsample) the time series, while positive dilation
values dilate (upsample) the time series.

W: The original data with the dilated data. The output matrix is
arranged in order so that dilated data are stored in columns
adjacent to the non-dilated input data.

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