Enhanced Errorbar Function

Version (3.62 KB) by Yu Heng
can draw errorbar along X/Y/Dual axis in normal,semilog,loglog coordinate system
Updated 5 Mar 2010

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% ERRORBARE Enhanced Errorbar Function.
% ERRORBARE(STY,X,Y,Xbar,Ybar,symbol)
% It can draw errorbar along X/Y/Dual axis
% in normal,semilog,loglog coordinate system,
% and adjust length of top line automatically,
% can also control dotstyle and color in the same way with errorbar.
% If the lower and upper error range of x/y is different, they should be
% input as [lower,upper] if x/y is a column vector;
% for a row vector, they should be [lower;uper].
% parameter STY include 12 types:
% v,h,d,vlogx,hlogx,dlogx,vlogy,hlogy,
% dlogy,vlogd,hlogd,dlogd
% where
% v stands for vertical errorbar,
% h draws horizontal errorbar,
% d means dual direction,
% logx corresponding to semilogx,can use preffix v/h/d
% logy corresponding to semilogy,can use preffix v/h/d
% logd corresponding to loglog,can use preffix v/h/d

% 误差棒函数增强版
% ERRORBARE(STY,X,Y,Xbar,Ybar,symbol)
% 可在各个坐标系中沿X轴,Y轴方向,或者两轴方向绘制误差棒,
% 能够根据所选坐标类型调整端点线长。
% 增加对误差棒的线型控制,用法与原errorbar函数中相同
% 若上下限范围不同,X为列向量时应按照
% [下限,上限] 的格式输入,若为行向量则为 [下限;上限]
% STY 参数包括 v,h,d,vlogx,hlogx,dlogx,vlogy,hlogy,
% dlogy,vlogd,hlogd,dlogd 共12种
% v 表示误差棒垂直,
% h 表示误差棒水平,
% d (dual) 显示双轴误差,
% logx 对应 semilogx,前缀 v,h,d 意义同上
% logy 对应 semilogy,前缀 v,h,d 意义同上
% logd 对应 loglog,前缀 v,h,d 意义同上

% For example,
% x = 1:10;
% y = sin(x)+2;
% e = std(y)*ones(size(x));
% errorbare(x,y,e) % use function "errorbar" directly
% errorbare('v',x,y,e) % "e" is error of "y" in vertical mode
% errorbare('v',x,y,[e;2*e]) % different error limits
% errorbare('hlogx',x,y,e) % "e" is error of "x" in horizontal mode
% errorbare('d',x,y,e,2*e,'or') % accept user defined linestyle
% errorbare('dlogd',x,y,[e;e+1],[e;2*e],'ob') % all included
% by Henry Sting Email: henrysting@hotmail.com
% $Revision: 1.2 $ $Date: 2010-3-5 $

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Chinese comments have been translated into English, and saved the file in DOS format. There is no decode problem now .

The problem: "Input argument 'symbol' is undefined." has been solved.