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meet the family

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Visualisation of a family tree in the programming contest.


Updated 06 Apr 2009

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An effort to construct a complete family tree of entries in the Solitaire contest using some code analysis as well as the "based on" field.

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C Jethro Lam

Your idea is to plot the family tree. May be it is better to just draw the family tree nice and clean, and not worry about the time axis... it will be interesting to see who is the parent of all. :)



maybe i'm missing the point here but this is awful data visualization! quick glance at the graph and the user will lose interest!

Kenneth Eaton

Interesting approach. I've been working on something similar to explore the lineage of submissions. Although my code won't find any dependencies not listed in the contest data like yours does (a nice touch, I might add), it will allow the user to compare code from different submissions.

Doug Hull

This is an awesome entry. There are some great data mining techniques and insights here. The MATLAB coding contest is interesting in that it is a rapid open source project where every branch is captured. This shows how things evolve and good code is propagated.

Thanks, this is the kind of entry we were hoping for in designing this new contest.


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