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LINEAGE helps visualize the evolution of the code throughout the Peg Solitaire contest


Updated 08 Apr 2009

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Instead of focusing on the contest metrics, the LINEAGE viewer helps visualize the evolution of the code throughout the contest, displaying the ancestry of the submissions and allowing the user to view and compare the submission code.


LINEAGE Opens a viewer for the Peg Solitaire contest data.
LINEAGE(FILE) opens a viewer for exploring the contest data in the file
specified by the string FILE (a relative or absolute file path). If
FILE is not specified, LINEAGE will will attempt to load a file called
'contest_data.mat' in the current directory.

For a detailed tutorial, please refer to the published documentation.

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Kenneth Eaton (2020). LINEAGE v1.1 (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (7)

Your idea is to create a GUI to visualize the entries... very cool. I think there are a bit too much information to visualize so it is a little overwhelming, but the GUI control is very useful. Zooming in and out with the middle mouse button is fun. :)

Thanks for the feedback everyone!

@Alan: Admittedly, I may have broken with the spirit of the competition slightly by creating an interactive GUI as opposed to one or more functions to be used from the command line. This obviously made it hard to make a published m-file which could generate its own images. I probably could have hijacked the GUI from the command line (setting hidden handles to visible, using FINDOBJ to get handles for the GUI components, and forcibly setting the GUI state), but this seemed kloogy an inelegant. It was easier and cleaner to capture screen shots and include the images with the submission.

Very cool entry! Well commented code and lots of neat GUI techniques.

Ken: Could the images not appearing in the online html be due the difference in case of the image file extensions? The zip file images are .PNG while the html is looking for .png. I look forward to seeing them!

This is a very interesting entry to the competition, since it's basically an interactive UI that is the cool thing, not necessarily the published m file.

One other minor note, your images appear to be manually created and placed by hard coding tags into the published m file. I think the spirit of the competition is that someone be able to take just the m files and publish them on their own computers and replicate the output, which can't be done with this entry (however with some MATLAB kungfu you could create the images on the fly from with published m file)

Ken: They show up fine for me. Note, as I pointed out in the newsgroup thread, when you download the zip files from FEX, you need to actually UNZIP the file first before viewing the html to see the images. Even though Windows lets you browse directly into the zip file and directly open the html embedded in it, it's not smart enough to also decompress the images.

None of my images in the published tutorial seem to be showing up. I'll try to correct it and update soon.


Tried to fix published image problem, added preview image, and a small GUI fix.

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Inspired by: MATLAB Contest - Data Visualization