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The Matrix Computation Toolbox

version (545 KB) by Nick Higham
A collection of M-files for carrying out various numerical linear algebra tasks.


Updated 11 Sep 2002

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The Matrix Computation Toolbox is a collection of MATLAB M-files containing functions for constructing test matrices, computing matrix factorizations, visualizing matrices, and carrying out direct search optimization. Various other
miscellaneous functions are also included. This toolbox supersedes the author's earlier Test Matrix Toolbox (final release 1995).

The toolbox was developed in conjunction with the book Accuracy and Stability of Numerical Algorithms (SIAM, Second edition, August 2002, xxx+680 pp.).

A demonstration of the toolbox is provided by the script mctdemo. More details on the toolbox can be found at

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Nick Higham (2021). The Matrix Computation Toolbox (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (21)

Aysen Mehrban


Charles Nelatury

Michalis Neo

George Tapas

good job

Evripides Karseras

As commented, excelent !

john spy

very good job

kiran patel

kiran patel

Tim Davis

A comment regarding Bakshi's comment (above), asking for dmperm: see the "CSparse" package, also on MATLAB Central. That package also includes various sparse factorization (LU, Cholesky, and QR). They're written in C, and not provided as M-files, however.

alex orlov


Jean Kim

it's definately beneficial for a beginner to apply matlab to creat some programs!!

Hrundi V. Bakshi

So far, I've only used the Visualization .m's. They're most useful and complement some of the features of EigTool which isn't accessible to those without Matlab.

On a purely selfish basis, I'd like to see the inclusion in the Factorizations and Decompositions .m's, the Dulmage - Mendelsohn decomposition for sparse arrays, mainly because the Matlab built-in dmperm is rather opaque and the FORTRAN 77 code on which it's based is not readily available.

Many thanks, a useful contribution.

Bob Bedford

My rating says it all



Ashim Dhakal

more or less handy!

omotosho oluwaseun

please i want materials on matrices,can you help me write a programme on gaussian elimination method using matlab

Georage Bush

laith abdulrida

it goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

heine Borel

Mario Bracamonte

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