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Emotions assessment

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Key idea: ask forum users to spend ~5 minutes of time and help our research by giving feedback.

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Updated 09 Apr 2009

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Hi all,

Key idea: ask all of you forum users to spend +/-5 minutes of your precious time and help our research by giving us feedback.

As it is often very difficult to find (many) participants in a study, especially if giving answers requires more than just ticking a box. I thought to try something new:
Use the forum users here as a test-group and ask for the responses we need. I tried to make a very easy interface (in the m-file) for facilitating easy responses and for sending us the feedback. (at the end of the program, you'll be asked to whether results may be automatically forwarded to us, completely anonymous of course.)

If this idea succeeds and there are many responses, maybe more people can post similar things/questions on the forum, if not... well it was worth a try.
Once you answered the questions, feel free to use parts of the code.

The questionnaire in the m-file is about emotional feelings and trying to quantify these feelings. Automatically a pdf file with further explanations should appear when you run the m-file.
(in compressed zip as well)

Thanks in advance,

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Comments and Ratings (5)

Rob Campbell

Shi vera

nice GUI!Creative idea to investigate,wahaha!



nice GUI though...might learn some tricks i guess.

John D'Errico

There is no purpose to this submission. No value at all.

It saves files onto your disk, and e-mails the author, so I'd be very leery about anything that does this. As it is, it appears to be a good way of harvesting your address and information about you. Be careful that it does not send other information too. I've not checked the code carefully to see that it does not do a variety of nasty things to the user, but this is a serious risk. At the very least, don't be surprised if lots of spam starts showing up in your e-mail due to the harvested information.

There are problems in the code. The author apparently does not understand or care that some users are not using windoze. I don't care to test the code however, for the very reasons I explained above.

Finally, as Duane comments, the file exchange is not a forum where you should be harvesting information.

Duane Hanselman

This is not a "forum" as the author asserts. This submission marks yet another questionable direction for the FEX. Aren't there websites that conduct surveys already? Yes, "maybe more people can post similar things." I can hardly wait.

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