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Label lines in a plot by clicking on them. Nice and simple.

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Updated 26 Nov 2019

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Did you ever plot a whole bunch of lines and then have trouble telling them apart? You find that a static legend isn't convenient, or just doesn't suffice? Well, with linelabel, simply click on a line and it's identity will be revealed!

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Michelle Hirsch (2021). linelabel (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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Chang hsiung

exactly what I have been looking for

Adrian Cherry

Very useful.

I tweaked it slightly so that it would work with bar charts as well (R2008a)

lines 131 and 182 now read
if strcmp(htype,'line') || strcmp(htype,'hggroup')



Maurizio Santoro

Very good!

Andres Mahecha-Botero


Antonin Garriga

very good idea

Ju wang

very nice!

Ju wang

very nice!

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