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Format Tick Labels (Extended)

version (18.4 KB) by Patrick Toche
Replace Tick Label with LaTeX compatible Objects. Extends file 15986 created by Alexander Hayes.


Updated 29 Mar 2016

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Will replace axes tick labels with formatted text objects that can include both Tex and LaTex interpreted strings. Primary example is to add degree symbols to labels. Inputs can be a cell array of strings or a single string to be appended to the end of each of the current labels. Header documentation includes several examples. Labels can also be rotated.
08/19/2007: Created by Alex Hayes
04/20/2009: Minor Update by Patrick Toche
Introduces a distinction between offsets for the horizontal axis offsetx and for the vertical axis offsety. It took 2 minutes to modify the original file, so credit must go to Alexander Hayes. Any errors are mine, of course.

Comments and Ratings (6)

David Doria

The x axis label seems to overlap the x tick labels?


plot(0:pi/4:pi, data,'LineWidth', 3);

format_ticks(gca,{'0', '\pi/4', '\pi/2', '3\pi/4', '\pi'},[],0:pi/4:pi)

ylim([0 1]);
xlabel('My x label')
ylabel('My y label')

fontSize = 20;


Handy, but could use the same font as the axes by default. Currently you have to set this manually.

Very nice. I've wanted a way to do this for a long time.

Two improvements would be nice: (1) Add support for doing only Y ticks. (2) Check for an axis label and reposition it correctly so that it does not overlap with the new tick labels.


Exactly what i was looking for...

However, 2 tiny suggestions:

To be able to use Y-ticks only one should replace 2 strings around #225 with
%find out if we have to use the LaTex interpreter
all_ticks = [tickx ticky];
temp = all_ticks{1};

it's also a bit unexpected that
offsety>0 means 'left' ...



added a comment in the header about offsetx and offsety

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Created with R2008b
Compatible with any release
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Inspired by: Format Tick Labels

Inspired: Format Tick Labels (Extended v2)